[column class="column6"]We have lots of birth stories given to us by our mothers over the years. We obviously can't put them all here, but we hope that you enjoy this selection. The stories have been grouped into sections; however, this grouping is very rough as many of the stories fit in a number of different categories, so feel free to browse through them all. Please click on the link to see the full story. Jaspreet's Birth Storyimage-5ad9ceff6223ce101267bc7c60420d1aab8937a54704c89294e3a38733632f0d-VI cannot thank you enough for your advice over the course of my pregnancy. I have no doubt in my mind that following the Gentle Birth Method is the reason why I had such a wonderful and comfortable pregnancy, as well as a relatively easy delivery. I also think it is the reason why Isha is so alert and calm!Full StoryZita's Birth StoryI have been blessed to have two angels. The contrasting ways they arrived in our world does nothing to differentiate the love I have for them. They have set me on my life’s journey as a woman and mother. But the differing ways they arrived I think shows the brilliant effectiveness of the Gentle Birth Method.Full Story Sareeta's Birth StoryI followed the Gentle Birth Method for the nine months of my pregnancy.  It was hard at first to stick to the diet but I managed to stay gluten, sugar and dairy free.Full StoryMelissa's Birth StoryI began using the Gentle Birth Method about 3 months into my pregnancy and Ibelieve I had the most amazing birth because of my dedication to thismethod...I began using the Gentle Birth Method about 3 months into my pregnancy and Ibelieve I had the most amazing birth because of my dedication to thismethod.FULL STORYDilek's Birth Story - May 2013We had an amazing birth experience and would like to share it in detail with you.dilek-60May 2013, LondonDear Debbie and Gowri and Françoise & the Gentle Birth Method team,my waters broke on Saturday, 18 May. I had a few start - stopcontractions building up in strengthFULL STORYSofia Bernardin's Birth Story - December 2012Sofia just followed the book by herself and developed the confidence to give birth in this wonderful manner:December 2012, ParisDear Dr Motha,I would like to thank you for giving me the strength and confidence to have a beautiful and natural childbirth...FULL STORYDr Amali Lokugamage FRCOG, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist,  says ' I found The Gentle Birth Method to be a fantastic way to prepare for the birth of my baby'". Heather Barker's Birth Story - November 2012My baby was born at home in 4 hours thanks to the gentle birth method. I walked round the garden and even managed to prick out some lettuces in the greenhouse until I was 9cm dilated...FULL STORYWanda’s Birth Story – December 2005Dear Gowri,It all went well and my midwife said that she could see how much my perineal massage had helped as I did last stage in 20 minutes which she said was very quick for a first timer!FULL STORYAtsuko Birth Story - December 2011The day my husband and I had been looking forward to came suddenly.On 8th December around 5am, I woke up to go to the bathroom as usual and I realized my waters had broken. At almost the same time I had quite strong pain in my back and I thought, "This is not just a tightening, this is it!!". The next contraction came soon, after about 5 minutes later.FULL STORYZdravka's story - February 2010karlinaI love talking about my labour; it makes me live this moment again. It starts from here.I went to see Dr Gowri when I was 24 weeks pregnant. I was so upset! The doctors told me I could give birth in 2 weeks because my cervix was shortening. I felt devastated. I needed help and support to get my mental strength back. I already knew of Dr Gowri and her Gentle Birth Method as I was reading her book Gentle Birth Method and a friend of mine was going to her clinic in St John’s Wood. So I straight away made an appointment.FULL STORYMelinda’s Story – July 2006I write to tell you about the birth of my daughter Nell Bang on her due date of  2nd July. Three hours from start to finish! I was crying out for an epidural, it has to be said, because the contractions came thick and fast but the anaethetist was otherwise engaged! Out she came at top speed in 3 pushes - lots of dark hair and simply gorgeous.Thank you Gowri for all your help & support - no episiotomy, no tears, no stitches. I was thrilled. Please thank Kasia & Debbie for me too.Lots of loveMelinda StevensAndrea BurnandAndrea wants her birth story to be an inspiration to other expectant mothers. She wants everyone to know that if they stick to the whole programme it will pay dividends in feeling energised and healthy throughout pregnancy and then the birth itself will be quick and pain free. “If you really believe it, it will be the birth you really want and deserve.”FULL STORYChristine's storyChristine used Self-hypnosis and Visualisation and found that she dilated quickly and felt in control of the labour. She believes that the Self-hypnosis together with the Reflexology and Creative Healing greatly assisted in the birth process.On Sunday 12 September, contractions began about 5:OOam. I visualised and meditated until contractions were 5 minutes apart and decided it was time to go to the hospital.FULL STORYDiana's storyDuring pregnancy, Dianna particularly enjoyed the Self-hypnosis and Visualisation classes and then used the images she had learnt to help her have a pain-relief-free birth. She also acknowledges yoga and the “very reasonable” dietary advice for her successful delivery.Of my three antenatal classes, I most looked forward to Gowri’s self-hypnosis session for its “relentless positivity”.FULL STORYGabby's storygaby_cThis story tells how “The Jeyarani Way” treatments helped during pregnancy. It also shows the effectiveness of the Self-hypnosis and Visualisation audiotape and how it can help during labour. Gabby felt empowered by the birth experience.My last couple of months of pregnancy were enjoyed and spent looking forward to my weekly sessions of pampering for both me and bump.FULL STORYNicky's storynicky_childrenAfter a difficult first birth Nicky came to Gowri and was put on “The Jeyarani Way” Gentle Birth Method programme. This time she felt prepared for birth and went on to have a “wonderful birth experience”. She believes in Gowri and her programme as she is an expert in both conventional and complementary medicine.FULL STORYPasha's storyPasha describes in her own words how her births were “true joy” and totally pain-free using the Jeyarani Method. Pasha had waterbirths.I have now given birth twice in my life and on both occasions I have felt the most blissful feelings.FULL STORYLouise's storylouise_cLouise describes her “magical” waterbirth, during which she felt grounded, calm and able to cope. She strongly believes in “The Jeyarani Way” Gentle Birth Method and says that the care that the team gave her helped transform her fears about her own capabilities and gave her the opportunity to realise their dream.FULL STORYJayne & Darren Gee - April 2008baby_gee_littleDear Gowri, Just letting you know our little baby boy arrived safely into the world at 22.10 on Thursday 24th April 2008 weighing in at a whopping 9lb 7oz!In the end I started to have a show in the early hours of the morning on the Thursday (the day I was due to be induced;  I was two weeks overdue.  I had a show but no contractions,  hence I was given Prostin at 8am.FULL STORYSara Good's story - November 2008Sara_Good-Lola_GraceI live in Shanghai and am a 33 yr old New Zealander. This was our first pregnancy so along with the normal anticipation and nerves, I had the added stress of delivering in a foreign country without family and friends for support. It was at a dinner party I heard great things about your programme from another girl in town.FULL STORYKarlina's story - December 2008KarlinaTo tell you the truth, I don’t feel like I have a very exciting ‘birth story’ as it flew by so incredibly fast… I feel like I have much more of a ‘Dr. Motha Story’ which means I should probably start with the first time I heard of you.Several years ago, long before even contemplating having a child, I read an article in W magazine about an Indian doctor based in LondonFULL STORYHelen James-Moore's story - January 2009helen-james-mooreLittle Cecilia arrived last Thursday morning at 1.20 am weighing 8lbs 8oz despite being 2 weeks early.Once again, following your advice has given me the birth I so longed for with my first baby and got with the second and third.I have been focusing on the 15th January for 6 months and thus I am sure, combined with reflexology and your advice is, the reason she came on that day.FULL STORYBianca Blackman Duffy story - January 2009bianca1Oona’s Birth: Bianca Blackman Duffy gave birth to Oona Blackman Duffy on January 23rd, at 5:35am at home in Malibu, CA.I was due Wednesday Jan. 21st, so, that day I went to Ventura to have a check-up with my midwife, Karni. She hugged me and said “happy due date!” She said my baby’s heart rate was great, and that my cervix had effaced, but was not dilated at all.FULL STORYNatalie Hudson's story - September 2009millaI just wanted to share my great birth story with you and also to give great feedback on GB practioner in Australia, Elizabeth Isaac - she was amazing and you need to get more people trained in Australia as so many women need to have the option to have a good birth.FULL STORYMelissa Turner's story - August 2010melissa_turnerI began using the Gentle Birth Method about 3 months into my pregnancy and I believe I had the most amazing birth because of my dedication to this method.I had a very peaceful water birth at The Family Birth Centre in Subiaco.  I was in labour for 8 hours, spending about 3 hours in the bath pushing Owen out,  though it didn't seem that long to me. He weighed 9 pounds 1 ounce, which was a massive surprise as I didn't look that big.  Having such a good diet, I didn't think my baby would be that large, even though he still came out without any intervention, (you have to do the pre-stretching).FULL STORYMolly Isobel Elliott - January 2012Thank you for all your guidance and care over the past months.I had a fantastic and completely natural birth at home with an active labour of less than 5 hours and a very quick delivery requiring only a few pushes: She flew out with barely a graze and no tearing at all.I firmly believe the physical and mental preparation of the Gentle Birth Method is what allowed me to achieve this.FULL STORY


Katrina Maclaine's storyKatrina had been told that she would never have children so she was a bit surprised to find that she had become pregnant after some Creative Healing for abdominal pain! After being induced, she had a C-section but does not regret going on the programme. Like other Jeyarani mothers she has found her son, Ben, to be alert but calm – due perhaps to her connecting to him through the treatments and self-hypnosis and visualisation.FULL STORYJudith Shutler's story - 1989This story illustrates how the programme can help a pregnant mother who then goes on to have a caesarean delivery.During my pregnancy I followed a programme including Self-hypnosis at the Jeyarani Health Centre.FULL STORY 

Self-Hypnosis and Visualisation

Philippa Egertan's storyThe positive magical birth of baby Otis during a lunar eclipse, using self-hypnosis and visualisation.Baby Otis (weight 7lbs 15oz) was born on Sunday, 16th July 2000, at 1.14am during a lunar eclipse.FULL STORYCarol Johnston's story After an induction, epidural and forceps delivery of her first baby, Carol was amazed to find that she “enjoyed” giving birth to her second child. Although initially sceptical about self-hypnosis,  she found it invaluable during labour, and realised that her body and baby know what to do, and there is nothing to fear but fear itself.EAU BABY!!FULL STORYUma's story - July 2001The empowering birth of Abhisheka was helped by using self-hypnosis. This story also illustrates the importance of feeling in control of your surroundings and being able to give your complete attention to the birth.ABHISHEKA born 13 July 2001FULL STORYRosie Bray's storyrosie_cRosie wants to highlight the importance of early conditioning using Self-hypnosis and Visualisation. Starting as early as possible in pregnancy gives you more of a chance to become an expert at the technique for labour. Rosie also feels that she did her homework, following the dietary guidelines, having treatments and so on, so that she was ready for labour.FULL STORY 

The Role Of The Partner

Claire Middleton's storyNot all mothers walk into the hospital backwards but this is what Claire did! This lovely story illustrates the importance of partners during labour,  as a companion and support,  and shows how “distracting” the mother is not always what is required!I was shopping at lunchtime when I had my show and made my way back to the pub by tube – smiling all the way knowing I was about to start my first labour!FULL STORY


Rosemary Borthick's storyrosemary_cRosemary developed gestational diabetes, which was treated with Creative Healing. She worked hard for a good birth following “The Jeyarani Way” Gentle Birth Method and went on to have a home water birth that was a “positive experience”.FULL STORYSally Murray's story Sally found that being in “another place” was good for her during labour. She had a water birth and found that the contractions felt entirely different in water.FULL STORYAli Norell's storyali_norell_littleMy waters started to break on a Thursday evening while out at dinner with some friends, Once we got home, the waters had stopped leaking so I decided against calling our doula or midwife in favour of going to bed - I was convinced that nothing would happen for another 12 to 24 hours!FULL STORYRebecca Malhotra's  water birth story - November 2008Josh_Jai_MalhotraContractions started around midnight, I'm a little vague as I popped on Gowri's relaxation and hypnosis CD and tried to hibernate like a bear through the night. Counting my breaths during the contractions helped me relax and also helped me track my progress - throughout the night the contractions were becoming more frequent, stronger and longer in length.FULL STORY