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Developed by world-renowned childbirth pioneer

Dr Gowri Motha

The Gentle Birth Method helps mothers have an enjoyable pregnancy, a gentle birth and a calm baby


‘It was a very easy birth, it was wonderful’

Elle Macpherson


The Gentle Birth Method book was written so that mothers all over the world can read and follow the simple week-by-week programme given in the book and experience the benefits of gentle birth.

Gowri and her personally trained team use the best of the West and the best of the East in order to help women have a wonderful healthy pregnancy and birth, which then results in a calm baby.

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‘My babies are blissed out because of the Gowri touch.’

Stella McCartney

‘Gowri Motha is an obstetrician turned Gentle birth practitioner based in London who was invaluable to me during my pregnancy.’

Gwyneth Paltrow

‘It was a dream birth for us, everything we had discussed and hoped for.’

Sam Taylor-Johnson

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Dr. Gowri Motha and her team have been invited by senior consultants at the Whittington Hospital to introduce her Gentle Birth Method classes and treatments. We are proud and honoured to be of service to mothers and fathers. This is a paid for service at affordable cost.

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