Christine Harris' Birth Story

Christine used Self-hypnosis and Visualisation and found that she dilated quickly and felt in control of the labour. She believes that the Self-hypnosis together with the Reflexology and Creative Healing greatly assisted in the birth process.On Sunday 12 September, contractions began about 5:OOam. I visualised and meditated until contractions were 5 minutes apart and decided it was time to go to the hospital. The due date was 20th September, so Logan was a week early! At approx. 11:30am we went in to hospital. I was 2cm dilated at midday so I was admitted to the delivery room. We were told it would be early evening before the birth was expected, so we asked to be left alone so Mark could assist me with breathing techniques and visualisation. Also, he massaged my back and big toes for a while, especially during the longer contractions. Suddenly at 2pm, I had an almighty urge to push. Mark dashed off to find the midwife and by then I was, apparently, fully dilated. The midwife was quite surprised at the speed that I dilated, especially as she had predicted an early evening delivery. At 2:10pm, Logan Tyler Harris made his appearance weighing 7lbs 15 ounces (3.6kg). He's got blue eyes (for now), much brown hair and 55cms long and 36cm head circumference.I'm proud to say that I took no drugs, had no tears, cuts or stitches and am healing rapidly. I'm blessing my good fortune having heard many 'horror' stories of labour and the delivery.I am writing to say a HUGE THANK YOU for assisting me to cope with labour and to control the whole procedure much easier and much calmer than a conventional birth. The birth happened so quickly (9hrs from realising I was having contractions to birth) that I never went near the pool or any water! I'm ever so grateful for the preparation which I learnt by attending your classes, especially the relaxation and visualisation techniques. I am singing your praises to all those who will listen! Also thank you for the reflexology and massages, I am positive that the removal of blockages around my body also assisted greatly with the whole procedure.Christine Harris