Dianna Dixon's Birth Story

During pregnancy Dianna particularly enjoyed the Self-hypnosis and Visualisation classes and then used the images she had learnt to help her have a pain-relief-free birth. She also acknowledges yoga and the “very reasonable” dietary advice for her successful delivery.Of my three antenatal classes, I most looked forward to Gowri’s self-hypnosis session for its “relentless positivity”. Each week I’d hear about manageable, joyful labour/delivery and a body fully capable of creating/birthing a child and returning to pre-pregnancy (and better!) form and function. During the actual labour, I often thought of Gowri’s “jelly” image (for internal tissues) or took my mind to its “safe place”, always concentrating on maximum relaxation between contractions. The supplementary yoga and (very reasonable) dietary advice also contributed to a highly successful, pain-relief-free, efficient – and yes, pleasurable, it its way – labour and delivery.

Dianna Dixon