Judith Shutler's Birth Story

This story illustrates how the programme can help a pregnant mother who then goes on to have a caesarean delivery.During my pregnancy I followed a programme including Self-hypnosis at the Jeyarani Health Centre.As the birth approached it became more certain that the delivery would be by elective caesarean due to breech presentation. The hypnosis included dealing with this.I used self-hypnosis to rehearse the delivery and it kept me calm and co-operative. The epidural was difficult (3 attempts) but I did not feel stressed – the same during the operation. The surgeon said later that she had never had a calmer patient.Afterwards I was prescribed analgesia but needed none whatsoever and although uncomfortable I was in no pain. On the next day I was walking upright as soon as the drip etc, was removed….. The wound healed so well that the clips were removed earlier than expected and I went home on day 6.Comments from hospital staff were made about how well I had recovered and that I was the “talk of the hospital”.Judith Shutler,1989MORE STORIES