Rebecca Malhotra's Waterbirth Story


Birth of Josh Jai MalhotraVital StatisticsBorn 26/11/2008 6.28 pm3.66kg (8lbs 1 ounce)Standard Vaginal Delivery (H20 - Yay!!!) early labour started around midnight to 2.20 pm1st stage 3hrs 30mins2nd stage 18mins3rd stage 52minsTotal labour 4 hrs 40 mins (yay)Contractions started around midnight, I'm a little vague as I popped on Gowri's relaxation and hypnosis CD and tried to hibernate like a bear through the night. Counting my breaths during the contractions helped me relax and also helped me track my progress - throughout the night the contractions were becoming more frequent, stronger and longer in length. With both CDs on repeat I was in and out of hypnosis all night and at 6 am I woke Sanj (husband and daddy!) so he could arrange childcare for our son. The midwives had told us to go to the hospital when we were having 3 contractions every 5-10 minutes as they were concerned that with baby no. 2 the labour would be much quicker, so we headed off to the hospital at 7.30 am - Sanj also wanted to avoid peak hour traffic. Whilst 12 pm - 7.30 am may sound long, I was drifting in and out of my safe place and was really rather relaxed, energised even though I hadn't slept deeply. Once in the car things really slowed down, we went for a long walk around the nearby park after checking into the birth centre but not much happened until Lisa (Gentle Birth Method practitioner and lifesaver!) arrived just after 10 am. I was given a fab treatment, giving me a bit of timeout before refocusing. Lisa took control of the reflexology, creative healing massage and homeopathic treatment. Amazing the difference in strength with Lisa’s thumbs pressed on my toes (tenfold stronger, amazing).  Sanj took control of the refueling, feeding me bananas, health bars and water. He took me on the much needed second longer walk to speed things up again. He helped out with the Reflexology and provided constant support physical and emotional throughout the contractions.Since arriving at the hospital, the contractions had gone from being consistent and building up to being irregular in both frequency and length, which I found hard to get over. I kept regretting our haste to get to the hospital. Lisa was fantastic in getting my mind off it and bringing me back to the task in hand. At one of my low points between 5- 6 pm; I was ready to give up on the birth centre and starting talking about having an epidural upstairs in the labour ward, I felt I had tried my best and hit a wall. Fortunately Lisa suggested we get the midwife to check the dilation and if ok, try the pool. With Sanj and Lisa being as positive as ever at this point I got the much needed boost to give it one last go. The midwife confirmed I was 6 cms but my hind waters had not broken. We decided to have the waters broken then jump in the pool for pain relief. The relief was instant. With the help of Lisa massaging my lower back and the midwife advising me to relax my buttocks, (genius), I felt the head physically move down, a sense of relief and with the next set of contractions, the urge to push. I had gone from 6 cms to 10 cms almost instantly! I had to tell Lisa to stop massaging as it just wasn't doing it for me any more. So Sanj took over with the gas and air as the crucial tool and both Lisa and Sanj gushed encouragement. Within about 45 mins of my waters being broken baby Josh Jai was born.I was taken out of the water after a fab long cuddle with Josh, Sanj and tears of  joy. I was awarded Josh after the 2 tiny stitches - meanwhile Josh was having a quick cuddle and skin on skin time with Dad. I was also granted some much awaited toast to have while breastfeeding, (having avoided wheat for so long I was craving just plain toast and butter, white toast too, how naughty!)

Having the baby in the water was magical for me and all those present.We had used Reflexology, Self  Hypnosis, Creative Healing, gas and air, and a fraction of the time 17 hrs v 4hrs 40mins, largely thanks to the Gentle Birthing method and especially Lisa.I had just 2 superficial stitches / grazes thanks to Gowri's stretch technique and my diligent husband who performed this task religiously every evening.The baby arrived 2 days before my due date; listening to the tape I was adamant this would be the case. I am happy to say the our baby is very contented and we are very grateful for the amazing birthing experience, not to mention the little miracle that is our boy! Such a positive experience and such a positive start for our new little man. Thank you!!

Rebecca Malhotra