Dilek's Birth Story


Dear Debbie and Gowri and Françoise & the Gentle Birth Method team, I wanted to announce our baby, Noah Doga Shore's gentle arrival to the world on 21st May at 7.24am, weight 2.89kg, at our home in water. We had an amazing birth experience and would like to share it in detail with you.My waters broke on Saturday, 18 May. I had a few start - stop contractions building up in strength from Saturday to early hours of Tuesday morning at 3.15am. It felt as I wasn't labouring until Monday evening according to our Midwife.We had a hospital appointment to have induction on Tuesday morning. It was very stressful few days for me as I was totally devastated with the idea of induction or c-section.

On tuesday morning at 3.15, after taking the second dose of castor oil, I woke up to very strong contractions. And it was it! It got really uncomfortable only in the last 2 hours. Richard only allowed me to go in the pool in the last half hour and the midwife arrived just about that time as well. Noah was born very gently in the pool and the third stage was very smooth.I had minimum bleeding, just a small internal tear that didn't need any stitching. About 11am on the birthing day, at the second midwife visit for check ups, she said my uterus has already shrunk down to usual 10 days post natal level.  Our midwife was totally amazed with our experience.After delivery she said to me if I was sure that I have never done this before! She also congratulated me for sticking to my grounds, believing in myself and said that it was a good decision that I decided not to go the hospital.  Following your program had a huge impact in my experience which I would like to tell everybody in detail how.

Thank you for caring..

Best wishes from Dilek and Richard and Noah