Philippa Egertan's Birth Story

The positive magical birth of baby Otis during a lunar eclipse, using self-hypnosis and visualisation.Baby Otis (weight 7lbs 15oz) was born on Sunday, 16th July 2000, at 1.14am during a lunar eclipse.It was an amazing experience for me, a truly spiritual one. My pre-labour was long; it started at 3 am on Friday morning and then I went into full labour at 3 pm on Saturday afternoon. My contractions were painful early on so I couldn’t sleep, so my obstacle was being tired too early on. The birth unit was empty except for one mother and baby, so my partner and I were able to move around and change scene from time to time. I used a tens machine all along and then was in water for a long time. I actually gave birth squatting outside the pool. It was a very magical night and whilst I was lying in the pool the windows were open and I could seen the moon.The reason that I got through my birth and it was such a positive magical experience is due, I think,  to your Self-Hypnosis and Visualisation techniques you taught me. All along I recalled my safe place and used by breath constantly and was conscious of everything,  but nothing could touch me or harm me. Your teaching helps every mother to reclaim a positive attitude towards birth, which is often fast disappearing in medical intervention. My baby is very lucky to have had such a good start and journey into the world.Philippa EgertanMORE STORIES