Courses For CouplesSelf hypnosis and visualisation classes for mothers and fathers has been the mainstay of the gentle birth method from the very beginning and has been running weekly for 25 years.Couples are encouraged to attend  all the way throughout pregnancy to maintain a positive outlook and keep focus of the goals of the gentle birth method.Gowri believes that repetition is the key to training the subconscious mind and couples  are taught to relax in a particular way during pregnancy and labour so that birthing can become a natural reflex. The classes also brings couples and practitioners together in a close bond of trust and love.Love is the transformational energy that we harness to prepare for birth.As part of the self hypnosis course we also teach partners  pregnancy massage.Course For MothersAs a follow up after birth we offer a pelvic floor workshop with practical tips on how to regain pelvic floor strength and function.Courses For PractitionersDr Motha receives many requests from mothers in different cities in the UK as well as in other countries asking for their nearest Gentle Birth Method practitioner.Therefore she has created courses for Midwives, Doulas, Massage therapists and other practitioners who would like to include Gentle Birth Method treatments in their practice.The most popular course is our practical Creative Healing pregnancy massage course that teaches organ specific massage.We also teach a short course on self hypnosis and visualisation techniques that aims to give practitioners instant skills to use with pregnant mothers and also how to run self hypnosis and visualisation classes for couples.Dr Motha offers a mentoring programme on request for practitioners who have followed our courses and wish to develop confidence.Click below to read more about our classesSelf-Hypnosis and Visualisation classesPregnancy Yoga with Micro Movements for Pelvic Release classesSelf-Hypnosis Courses for PractitionersJ. B. Stephenson’s Creative Healing Course for Gentle Birth Practitioners