Self-Hypnosis and Visualisation: 4 week course

For couples or mothers who wish to come on their own

Location: The Kailash Centre, Newcourt Street, St John’s Wood, London NW8 7AA.

Time: Dates and times arranged on request

Price: £250 for the entire course

Course detail -

This course introduces the Mental Preparation part of 'The Jeyarani Way' Gentle Birth Method.

  • We teach you self-hypnosis that you can learn and use on a daily basis for birth and for the rest of your life

  • Visualisation techniques taught to visualise a normal pregnancy, and birthing experience

  • Birth Education through visualisation

  • Advice and visualisation for optimal positioning of your baby in your tummy

  • Partner’s Massage taught to couples

  • Movements for birth – funny walks. Micro movements with yoga, and Alexander technique posture awareness.

  • How to use your breath to manage surges / contractions

  • Pelvic birthing zone preparation techniques - with oils and a self-stretch technique

  • Advice on appropriate eating and supplements

  • Tummy wrap techniques and why - Pre and post natal support for your baby and your belly.

  • Post natal recovery, care and tips for post natal diet

  • MP3 download is provided to listen to every day during your pregnancy