The Jeyarani Way, Gentle Birth Method Package from A-Z

The Jeyarani Way, Gentle Birth Method Package from A-Z


This pack includes everything you need for pregnancy birth and after birth

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The package includes

  • Herbal tea with nettle leaf (four month's supply) - 2x packets

  • Baladi Choornam Herbs (to make the drink) (three months' supply) - 2x packs

  • Dhanwantaram pills (baby pills) (six months supply 1 pot)

  • Perineal and Vaginal oil (an Ayurvedic formula for Jeyarani helps to prevent tearing and protect your perineum)

  • Aromatherapy labour massage oil

  • Aromatherapy Anti-Stretch mark oil (150ml)

  • Cotton Tummy Wrap - Post Natal


  • Caullophylum 30c -1 pillule x3 times a day from 36 weeks to birth

  • Homeopathic Tissue Salt Programme - Twice a day throughout your pregnancy

  • Homeopathic Labour and Post-natal Kit (contains the common remedies that you made need during labour and post-natally)

  • Lactors - Homeopathy for lactation 3x pillules 3x times a day

  • 3 CD's

  • The Jeyarani Way: Prepare for a natural birth with Self-hypnosis and Visualisation by Dr Gowri Motha (Self-hypnosis visualisation & birth rehearsal.

  • Gentle birthing Labour CD by Dr Gowri Motha (To listen to throughout labour).

  • Toning-Up After Birth CD - by Dr Gowri Motha (Post-natal visualisation and deep relaxation to help you regain your pre-pregnant shape size and tone and be more beautiful than ever before!)

  • Creative Healing in Pregnancy and Labour DVD presented by Dr Gowri Motha

  • Please note: The Gentle Birth Method book can be bought separately for £14.99.