Post Natal energy balls - One month supply

Post Natal energy balls - One month supply


We recommend you eat one a day from 36 weeks onwards.

WHY? They help to maintain health strength and nutrition of the mother during pregnancy and the birthing process and to support the new mother and baby post-natal.

HOW? There are three biological forces Vata (air) Pitta (Fire) and Kapha (water) within our physical body. It is important that these three forces are in balance. The herbs that are contained in the energy balls restore the balance between Vata Pitta and Kapha . Vata balancing ingredients- (Ghee ginger turmeric fennel seeds) helps pacify nervousness anxiety and relieve constipation. Harmony with Vata dosha will help deliver the baby naturally with maximum comfort possible. Pitta balancing ingredients- (Gokhru fenugreek ghee ginger ajwain seeds) - improves Agni i.e. digestive power calms down your mind and emotions helps to enjoy your motherhood. Kapha balancing ingredients (Ragi flour muesli Arabic gum) helps build up strength; helps keep your mind quiet and stable.nnIngredients promoting lactation- Dill seeds fennel seeds Ajwain seeds Fenugreek seeds.

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