Homeopathic Tissue Salts Programme

Homeopathic Tissue Salts Programme


The Tissue Salts programme is sourced and prepared by a registered homeopathic doctor in India.

During pregnancy the baby requires certain salts which it gets at the expense of the mother. This programme corrects maternal salt deficiencies and helps the baby with necessary salts.

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There are four bottles in each set.

The remedies rotate throughout pregnancy.

First bottle taken in Month 2 and 6 contains Calc Fluor 6c Mag Phos 6c Ferr Phos 6c

Second bottle taken in Month 3 and 7 contains Calc Fluor 6c Mag Phos 6c Nat Mur 6c

Third bottle taken in month 4 and 8 contains Calc Fluor 6c Mag Phos 6c Silica 6c

Fourth bottle taken in month 5 and 9 contains Calc Fluor 6c Ferr Phos 6c Silica 6c

Remedies (6c potency)

  • Calc. Fluor. - for bone development and elasticity of connective tissue (helps prevent stretch marks)

  • Mag. Phos. - for heartburn and nerve development

  • Ferr. Phos. - for blood oxygenation

  • Nat. Mur. - helps control salt and therefore fluid balance and helps prevent swollen ankles.

  • Silica - for teeth bones hear and general strength.

The Jeyarani Homeopathic Tissue Salts are especially formulated into one tablet - so you just need to take one of the specified remedy for that month of pregnancy twice a day placed under the tongue 15 minutes before or after food or drink.

I recommend keep the remedies beside your bed and taken it first thing in the morning and last thing at night before going to sleep.nnNote: Avoid mint eucalyptus or tea tree products e.g. tea toothpaste oils when using homeopathic remedies as strong essential oils reduce the efficiency of these remedies. We recommend homeopathic toothpaste that can be sourced from health food stores. Common brands that supply these are Kingfisher or Weleda (e.g. fennel toothpaste).

Note:Floral essential oils e.g. rose lavender jasmine etc can be used at the same time as homeopathy and does not affect the potency.