Homeopathic Labour & Post-Natal Kit

Homeopathic Labour & Post-Natal Kit


Kit includes: Labour and Post-natal remedies, as listed below:

Labour Remedies: Arranged from left to right in our labour and postnatal homeopathic kit.

  • Aconite 200c: I like to recommend a dose when you feel that labour is beginning.  Also useful if you are feeling anxious and fearful before or during labour.  Also soothes the sudden onset of contractions that may take your breath away.

  • Arnica 200c: Used frequently during labour, every 15-30 minutes, placed under the tongue. Helps to minimise swelling within the birthing areas and helps you to give birth more comfortably. It also reduces exhaustion and gives you a second wind.

  • Caulophyllum 200c: Used to establish strong, efficient contractions in the first stage. Take one initially at the onset of labour.  Use only once every 8 hours.

  • Gelsemium 200c: This helps to improve the strength of contraction when Caulophyllum has not been effective. Again, only 1 pill every 8 hours.

  • Ipecac 30c: If you feel nauseous, take a single dose. When some mothers are at 5cm or full dilation, some may feel nauseous and even vomit and it is appropriate to take 1 dose at this stage.

  • Kali Phos 200c: Take a single dose if your are exhausted. You can repeat it every hour if necessary.

  • Nat mur 200c: Take as a single dose if experiencing lower back pain.

  • China 30c: Take a single dose if you feel tired because of dehydration caused by vomiting or diarrhoea.

  • Pulsatilla 30c: If there is an over production of milk or if milk supply is erratic.  The mother may feel very weepy and needs lots of company and reassurance.

Post Natal homeopathic Remedies

Plus – Mother Tincture of Hypericum 30ml and Recovery Remedy 20ml (Bach Flower Rescue)

  • Sabina 30c (Red label): A unique remedy to expel the placenta. Taken as a single dose under the tongue as soon as the baby is born. The Red label indicates its timely use and importance. We would like to advise your partner to be mindful and give you this remedy as soon as your baby is born. This remedy helps the placenta to be swiftly delivered between 15-30 minutes after birth, to prevent anxiety and excessive bleeding.

  • Phosphorus 200c: Take as a single dose if there is profuse bleeding during and after the delivery of the placenta. As a first line of treatment.

  • Secale 30c: Take as a single dose if there is moderately increased bleeding after giving birth.

  • Kali Phos 30c: Take as a single dose if you get the shakes after giving birth.

  • Arnica 30c, Bellis perennis30c,Hypericum 30c (Blue labels): Take at the same time, 3 times a day starting immediately after giving birth, as these reduce bruising and swelling and help recovery.

  • Calendula 30c: Take this an hour after the above combination. It helps to soothe and heal, especially if you have had a C section.

  • Chamomilla 30c: Take twice a day. This is good for reducing the after pains of labour, that is caused by the uterus contracting down. Chamomilla is also good as a single dose at night to promote sleep.

  • Mother Tincture Hypericum: Helps to soothe the vulva and perineum tissues after birth. Put 15 drops in half a cup of water, soak a cotton pad in this and wipe down the vulva every time you go to the loo. This helps to heal the skin and perineum.

  • Bach Flower Rescue Remedy: Take a few drops under the tongue every 15 minutes during labour. Or put 4 drops in a glass of water and sip as you go along. This reduces stress and gives you an ability to cope with your birthing process.

These are common remedies that you may need during labour and post-natally

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