Dhanwantaram pills (baby pills) - 6 month supply

Dhanwantaram pills (baby pills) - 6 month supply


Dhanwantaram Gulika (baby pills). These herbs are based on ancient 2000-year-old Ayurvedic recipes that are famed for clearing the mother’s liver and gut and assisting in digestion and absorption.

These cleansing functions help tissue toxins in the uterus cervix pelvis hip and perineal areas to be cleared thereby helping these structures to become supple and elastic. This in turn helps to establish the birth mobility of the pelvis which is obviously an essential pre-requisite for a gentle birth. Dr Motha has been prescribing these herbs since 1994 and has found that they help mothers to achieve full dilation of the cervix more easily during the birth process.

The herbs should be taken daily from week 12 - continue postnatally for 3 months or more. Contents: Ela; Visva; Abhaya; Ajaji; Brithati; Arya; Jirakam; Jinoshanam; Bhumimba; Rudraksham; Suradaru; Karpura; Kaarigudha; Jurakakvaham; Himambu. 0.002 gms of each of these ayurvedic herbal ingredients in each tiny pill. Made with love and devotion in India.

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