Too Much Information?

Credit: Espen Klem (Flickr)I've noticed an increase in the amount of information women are sharing about their pregnancies. It seems I'm not the only one.According to a recent survey, expectant mothers may be divulging too much pregnancy information on social media. As reported by “2/5 people believe that pregnant women "overshare" details on websites like Facebook, according to a poll by Netmums and the Department of Health's Start4Life campaign. 9/10 respondents said they had seen an image online of a friend's scan and 22% said they had viewed a photo of a positive pregnancy test.”Credit: leekelleher (Flickr)At first glance, this might seem to be a bit too much information. But, in a world where people share all kinds of things about their lives, particularly on social media, why should pregnant women hold back? After all, becoming a parent is one of the most life changing things that can happen to us. Why wouldn't we want to tell the world?I work with many pregnant women to help them achieve a gentle and happy birth experience. However, I also work with many women who are experiencing fertility problems. They often tell me how hard it is when everyone around them seems to be pregnant or new parents. They feel surrounded by bumps and babies. And logging onto Facebook or Twitter is no exception. Photo after photo, after amusing anecdote, there is literally no escape.Considering too, the fact that according to a recent survey, “More than two thirds of the 2,000 Netmums members surveyed felt that mothers to be were more likely to try to show a "perfect" pregnancy than a realistic one” we are exposed to a rose tinted view of reality.