Spiritual Birthing

Image by By AlicePopkorn (Flickr)I was recently asked how to achieve a spiritual birth. Actually, I consider all births to be spiritual.In my work as a birthing specialist, I like to create a sacred atmosphere throughout the entire labour and birth process. That means no unnecessary distractions, keeping the number of friends and family present to a minimum, and reducing general noise and hustle and bustle.I believe that by world by creating a respectful and sacred place for the new born baby to enter the world, we are acknowledging the baby’s presence as a brand new human being.Every birth, everywhere, ought to be recognised by doctors and midwives as the birth of a totally aware human being, with the heightened sense of awareness in the first few hours after birth equal to that of a much older child.  I would urge all people present at the birth to respect this.For births to occur in a spiritual manner, the mother and the father need to be prepared physically, mentally and emotionally for a gentle birth experience. The mother needs to have a very healthy uterus and soft and clear birthing passages.  The vagina and pelvic muscles need to be stretchable and elastic (my Gentle Birth Method preparation prepares the mother to be able to enjoy this sort of natural birth as long as the principles and guidelines set out in the book are followed conscientiously). I am also against separating mother from the baby immediately after birth unless there is a serious medical condition that needs paediatric or surgical intervention.I believe spiritual birthing is the result of conscious birth preparation. When the birthing process is proceeding normally the mother can relax and connect better with a force that is greater than ours. After all, giving birth is the most powerful thing a human being can experience.The ability to enter a mental birthing zone that is meditative and spiritual is an art form that has to be cultured. It might sound complicated, but this is a process that can be learned by anyone.  In the classes which we run on a weekly basis for pregnant mothers and fathers we access this zone every week so that it becomes a familiar place for mothers and fathers to take their minds to when they are in the actual process of labour and birth.