Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson

We are proud to present words of appreciation from our valued high profile clients. "It was a very easy birth, it was wonderful." The waterbirth was amazing, it was  dark room with very few distractions, I gave birth to  a beautiful baby in a peaceful environment.

The birth went extremely smoothly and Cy took only four hours to make his debut. I felt very relaxed and didn't have any painkillers or epidural for the birth. But I did have my wonderful Indian obstetrician, Dr Gowri Motha, who did Reflexology and looked after me. It was a very natural birth and recovery is very rapid when you have no drugs in your system.

When you are fit relaxed and happy that helps too."Elle Macpherson

“Gowri Motha is an obstetrician turned Gentle birth practitioner based in London who was invaluable to me during my pregnancy. After spending years delivering babies in UK hospitals, she came to understand that giving birth did not have to be as difficult and stressful as it can be for some, many times leading to caesareans that could have been avoided, etc. So, she developed a method of preparing mothers for giving birth called the Gentle Birth Method, which is described in her book and encompasses diet, gentle exercise tips, Reflexology, Creative Healing- lymphatic drainage massage, Reiki, visualization, emotional preparation and more.”Gwynneth Paltrow – Goop

"I have had two of my babies under Gowri's nurturing care. During each pregnancy I learnt so much about how to look after myself and the baby inside me.

Our last baby was born at home with Gowri present.  It was a dream birth for us, everything we had discussed and hoped for.The main idea I learnt was that with confidence, knowledge and understanding we can believe and trust in our body's ability to give birth." Sam Taylor Wood

"There is an intelligence behind Gowri's advice that fills me with confidence" Gabby Logan, The Times

"My babies are blissed out because of the Gowri touch." Stella McCartney

“Although we generally avoid prescriptive books on bringing up babies, there are obviously lots of helpful tips out there that can make all the difference in that first year. Dr Gowri Motha’s Gentle First Year is filled with such. I always remember what a laid back baby our first son was and I think a lot of this was to do with my favourite Motha tip – baby massage. The involuntary reflexes that cause baby’s arms and legs to jerk about (natural symptoms of the developing nervous system) combined with a craving for tactile attention, make little ones ideal candidates for massage.Motha describes expertly how to cover them in oil (we used a really good extra virgin olive oil which made me jealous as it was better than the one on my salad) and massage them from head to toe, using gentle twisting movements on the legs and arms to relax them. He would grin gratefully throughout and afterwards sleep like a log, often until morning. Enough motivation for any new parent. ”Waddler

I am suffering with serious nasal congestion. Can't breathe. I have been through countless boxes of tissues. The mucus is going down the back of my throat. Nice. Giving me a really nasty cough for a few weeks and inducing my first vomiting session this morning. And just when I was starting to feel on top of the world!I've read that this is all normal in pregnancy and that there's not much you can do about it. However according to Dr. Gowri Motha (my new guru on pregnancy and birth along with Ina May) I can help it get better by cutting out mucus producing foods. These include wheat (already done since September), bananas (i love em) and dairy (oops, shouldn't have eaten that piece of cheese before I went to bed last night). So out goes my morning yoghurt, my afternoon yoghurt and yes my evening yoghurt. And then hopefully I will be able to B-R-E-A-T-H-E through my nose. And there will be no more vomiting. As let me tell you, vomiting while unable to breathe through your nose is a pretty terrifying experience. Ugh. ”The Pitter Patter

My baby was born at home in 4 hours thanks to the gentle birth method. I walked round the garden and even managed to pick out some lettuces in the greenhouse until I was 9 cm dilated and then came into the sitting room and pushed Oscar out in 4 pushes in a birth pool. I did not tear or even have a stretch mark! I was helping my husband to cook supper 2 hours later.My midwife (the senior midwife at Dorchester hospital) was amazed and wrote me a lovely letter saying how it had restored her belief in natural home birth and what a lovely experience it had been for her to help bring a healthy, drug free baby into the world.I hate hospitals and was very nervous when I found out that I was pregnant. Reading Dr. Motha's book gave me control over the birth and took the fear away allowing me to concentrate on the end goal, my beautiful, wonderful little gift from God!”Positive Birthing Experience - from just following the book, September 2012

The Heart in the Womb by Amali Lokugamage