Janice WalmsleyThe Express, Saturday magazine, 25-31 March 2000buddyParents: Janey Lee Grace, 37, the TV and radio presenter who co-hosts Steve Wright In the Afternoon. Her partner is Simon Etchell, 42, who composes TV signature tunes. They live at Brookmans Park, Hertfordshire with their first son, 16-month-old Sonny.Born: On January 15 at The Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth in London.Weight: 8lb 4oz.Mother's story: I am a great believer in alternative therapies and preparation for childbirth. I had reflexology treatments and did yoga all through my pregnancy. I was absolutely determined not to have any pain relief and to avoid medical intervention. Dr Gowri Motha is an amazing doctor, midwife and reflexologist who helped me learn visualisation techniques and prepare for birth. We called her after I had been in hospital for more than 12 hours. She came in at 4am and just did a complete miracle job on me. She literally talked me through it I had no pain relief. After about 10 hours I had my dream birth in the birthing pool. He felt like a duckling and just floated to the surface. Within 22 hours I was out in the high street having a cappuccino.Father's story: I wanted to be there but to keep a low profile -and I was filming it which distanced me slightly. The great thing about a water birth is that the baby is clean. As soon as Buddy was born I wanted to get involved so I cut the cord. We both held him and the trainee midwife helped with camera duties. When the mother hasn't had drugs, the baby is alert and looking at you so you can bond from the start.

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