Dr Gowri Motha - Founder

Name: Dr Gowri Motha


Therapies include: Bowen Practitioners, Craniosacral Therapy Practitioners, Creative Healing Practitioners, Fully Accredited Jeyarani way GBM practitioner, In-House Practitioners, Reflexology Practitioners, Reiki Practitioners, Self hypnosis and Visualisation Practitioners

Location availability: South Woodford – E18, St John’s Wood- NW8, London- E11

Summary: Dr Gowri Motha is a holistic obstetrician, combining medical training with expertise in a number of complementary therapies. Gowri loves helping others feel energetic, healthy and happy and has been using healing for over 20 years. She has created the Jeyarani gentle birth method, which offers creative healing with other therapies such as reflexology, craniosacral therapy and ayurveda. She also uses creative healing to treat a range of concerns, including fertility.



Postcode: E18

Country: UK

Email: gowrimotha@gentlebirthmethod.com

Phone: 0208 530 1146

Website: http://www.gentlebirthmethod.com

Core Therapies: Reflexology, Creative Healing, Self hypnosis and Visualization

Additional Therapies: Bowen, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy

Any Therapy not mentioned above: Theta Healing