[column class="column3"]Fertility includes both partners. A joint consultation is advised. For your first appointment it's ideal on day 23 of your cycle. Please call 0208 530 1146 for an appointment.[/column][column class="column6"]Buy Creative Healing for Fertility DVDFertility is the function of a healthy body. Therefore, to enhance fertility, we focus on restoring all-round physical and emotional health as this will automatically enhance fertility in both men and women.Our tissues can be biologically young even in our forties and be as fertile as a chronologically much younger person in their twenties.Highly effective treatments include:Creative HealingSpecific female massage  on day 23 of your cycle once a month._RTB2867_6812010_1028_Oct201003282010_1028_Oct20100257ReflexologyReflexology is known to regularise cycles and improve fertility.Ayurvedic consultationFind out your body type and be given a specific dietary advice to normalise all three doshas (3 elements - fire, water, air) in your body.   Herbs, oils and specific treatments may also be advised.READ MORE