Joseph B. Stephenson's Creative Healing practitioner training course

A 4 day course offered as 2 weekend modules.

Price: £1000

Creative Healing massage technique was developed by Joseph. B Stephenson who was born in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in 1878. He emigrated to the USA where he taught the whole system of Creative Healing. Joseph. B Stephenson stated that the essential qualities required of a Creative Healer are willing hands and a loving heart.

Creative Healing is a gentle, hands-on technique that aims to restore the function to a particular part of the body or organ, by re-aligning the flows of energy to that part of the body.

Dr. Gowri Motha incorporates Creative Healing treatments into her Gentle Birth Method because they are simple, elegant and effective at restoring normal function to the tissues and organs of the body. Health professionals, doctors,midwives and doulas can enjoy learning this wonderful technique. Its simplicity and efficacy makes it a joy to teach and practise with outstanding results. Offering Creative Healing to your clients and friends gives you the pleasure of knowing that you have given an effective treatment that really works.

The Creative Healing treatments necessary for the Gentle Birth Method Practitioner course is run over two modules each of two days.

The full Creative Healing curriculum will require 5 more training days.

The Creative Healing - a four day training programme for birth practitioners

Offered as 2 weekend modules.Incorporates Creative Healing techniques

This course is intended for massage practitioners, doulas, maternity nurses, midwives, and interested health practitioners.

Module One: comprehensive back and neck treatments  (2 days)

  • Lymphatic drainage for the head and neck, abdomen, pelvis, legs and arms

  • Full back and sciatic treatment

  • Kidney drainage

  • Haemorroid treatment and treatment to relieve constipation

Module Two: complete digestive tune-up  (2 days)

  • Digestive tune-up that includes abdominal toning, pancreatic organ drainage and toning and liver drainage

  • Heart treatment to tone and calm the heart, treatment for heartburn in pregnancy, repositioning the oesophagus and minor degrees of hiatus hernia

  • Thyroid gland boost.

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Creative Healing Testimonials from 2012 class participants

Priscilla, Physiotherapist, Brazil: Amazing Results with Gentle touch and visualisation Learning from Gowri is bliss and I feel that I really found my way to treat people. Creative Healing definitely has changed my life. It’s a new day and a new life for me.

Haya, Midwife and healer, Belgium: Creative healing is an efficient treatment easy on the therapist as there is light touch. Package treatments e.g. Fertility. Back and Neck treatments. Main stream practice treatments can be applied to anyone. Seriousness of the practice with honour.

Dr.Ujwala, Ayurvedic Doctor, India: The course gave me different properties of treating effectively with simple techniques.The results achieved in lesser time than many other methods. I have learnt and seen creative healing to be sustainable too. The most impressive thing about the technique is it can taught to patients and they can look after them selves within families.Many thanks for sharing this valuable work with us.

Mary A. Beattie, Brighton Baby and Mother massage practitioner and Thai massage specialist: Creative Healing provides a safe space for British woman to talk freely about delicate issues like Indigestion, Constipation, Cramps, Sweating, Wind, and any female problems that we can find embarrassing to discuss.

Creative Healing works gently and effectively.  It also harmonises body, mind, spirit and energy to fix these intimate problems to the point. Helps intense issues such as chronic pain in the back, neck, legs, and also helps with headaches. CH mends these pains.It just works!