At your first consultation, we welcome you and your baby and take a medical history of your current and past pregnancies and other relevant conditions. You are invited to tell us the kind of birth that you would like to experience in this pregnancy. We then suggest a programme that can give you a positive birth experience. At your request we plan a treatment schedule so that you can receive treatments at regular intervals throughout your pregnancy at our clinic, or at home with one of our practitioners.

We tell you about our unique vaginal preparation technique that you can follow from 36 weeks to birth to maximise your chance of having an intact perineum and a more comfortable vaginal birth.A hands-on treatment is given to you that is a combination of Creative healing massage technique on your upper back and neck and your tummy, followed by diagnostic reflexology on your feet. This will enable us to assess your muscle tone and digestive power and guide us to focus on areas of your body that need more attention.Our treatments are holistic and treat the whole person mind, body and soul, as giving birth is a function of your whole being.

At your first or second appointment our ayurvedic doctor will diagnose your body type (Dosha) with a pulse and tongue diagnosis, and recommend life style modification and advice on the types of food that suits you best. Your digestive efficiency is at the centre of your physical health and we work towards improving your digestive power to provide optimum nutrition for you and your baby.  We give you guidelines to eat wisely so that your baby grows to the appropriate size in keeping with the dimensions of your pelvis.

We recognise that birth is a spiritual moment for mother, baby and the father and offer emotional support throughout. We honour and encourage your baby in your womb to feel happy and grow optimally throughout pregnancy by talking and sending  encouraging messages to your baby. Your baby can pick up thoughts telepathically from both parents within the womb, therefore it is wonderful to surround your baby with positive thoughts that act as a soothing tonic for your baby. You and your partner are encouraged to massage your baby in your tummy with our creative healing abdominal massage that we can teach you to  promote the development of your baby's central nervous system. Throughout pregnancy we constantly reassure you and your baby that birth is a physiological natural reflex and a wonderful experience for the whole family.