[column class="column1a"]Home visits can be arranged daily for the first two weeks or longer as necessary. Followed by visits once a week for the full 40 days.[/column][column class="column6"][pic to come of wrap and massage]Post Natal Recovery programme for 6 weeks Sacred Window - 40 days after birth to recover after 40 weeks of pregnancyImmediately after birth normal or C-section you can see one of our practitioners on day 2 or 3 to have reflexology and creative healing with a light short wrap.  For C-sections this wrap is applied higher up well clear of the C-section scar.  This is to help your ribs come in and support your abdominal organs better and also dissuade bloating.You can decide with your practitioner how often you would like to have treatments maybe every other day or every 2-3 days for the first 10 days after birth.  In the second week you can book Ayurvedic treatments with one or two practitioners twice or three times a week depending on your needs.Cost:A single practitioner visiting you at home is £200 for a 2 hour visit.2 practitioners visiting you for 2 hours at home is £300.NOTE: we kindly ask all clients to arrange for babies to be looked after during treatments so that we can be time efficient and also offer you the best possible treatments.   We would also ask you to ensure that babies have been fed just before your practitioner arrives so that there are no interruptions to your treatment.Internal organ supportPostnatal recovery incorporates Creative Healing massage techniques and Ayurveda.Reason for TUMMY WRAPOnce the baby is born there is a vacuum created in the abdomen by the sudden release of the baby.This vacuum can cause internal organs such as the liver, stomach, spleen and uterus to prolapse down in varying degrees.  A tummy wrap is to prevent this and to support your internal organs by binding the abdomen daily after giving birth.  Our practitioners will teach family members to perform this wrap in between visits.   The wrap is kept on for 24 hours and taken off only for showering.READ MORE