Take a look at some of Gowri's creative healing, self-hypnosis, basic back work and Gowri Wrap videos. Choose any category on the left.Here's an interview with Gowri about her book, CD's and weekly group classes:

Gowri Interview

Creative Healing videos

Take a look at some of Gowri's creative healing videos on abdominal toning, heart treatment, pancreatic treatment, liver treatment, pelvic treatment and female treatment.
Pancreatic Drainage and Feeding during Pregnancy

Abdominal Toning (including Pelvic Drainage)

Heart Treatment

Pancreatic Treatment

Liver Treatment

Female Treatment

General Treatment - Back and Neck

Back Work in class with Gowri

Decongesting the Spleen and Feeding from the Spine during Pregnancy

Parkinson Treatment on the Neck and Spine

Self-Hypnosis and Micro Movements videos

Taster of Micro Movements class

Taster of Self-Hypnosis and Visualisation class

The Gowri Wrap videos

‪Trying on The Gowri Wrap with Desiree‬

‪‪Trying on The Gowri Wrap with Danielle‬‬

Vaginal Stretch videos

Oil Preparation for the Vaginal Stretch

Vaginal Self Stretch

Vaginal Stretch (by partner)

Rectal Oil Application