Just as an athlete prepares for a marathon with regular exercise, specific foods and supplements.  During pregnancy Dr Motha had found that there are very simple and effective treatments which help the mothers body to be birth fit and these treatments include:


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Creative Healing Massage treatments

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Bowen technique

[insert images]and specialised treatments including Alexander Technique, Cranio-Sacral therapy, Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle consultations and Gentle Birth full body Pregnancy massage.Also offered are one-to-one advice on pre and post natal nutritional supplements, herbs.We also offer a traditional Ayurvedic post-natal care package for 40 days.Read moreDr Motha encourages mothers to look upon their birth as an event for which their body needs a specific training programme, as giving birth is an incredible physical feat.This training programme intends to help mothers to be able to have an easier experience of each contraction, and to give birth with overall greater comfort that usual.Each mother has a unique physical and emotional make-up and as such may need a special tailor made programme.However the most useful general advice recommended by  Dr. Motha for mothers includes a gluten and sugar free diet from 20 weeks onwards.Dr Motha promotes a normal weight gain during pregnancy of about 8 to 10 KGs and to keep the weight gain within that limit for the full 40 weeks of pregnancy. as  being overweight fosters problems during pregnancy and birth.About 5 kgs of the weight gain can be attributed to the baby and the combined weight of the placenta, amniotic fluid, the muscle weight of the fully pregnant uterus, and the increased blood volume of the mother at term.The other 5 Kgs is the normal storage of weight of fat that is required to meet the breastfeeding needs of the baby in the first few months of the baby's life.