Jaspreet’s Birth Story

Having moved to the US from the UK I was unfamiliar with the medical system here, so it came as quite a shock that it is so image-5ad9ceff6223ce101267bc7c60420d1aab8937a54704c89294e3a38733632f0d-Vintrusive and doctor-led. I was told that as I had gestational diabetes I would have to be induced in the 39th week, regardless of the baby’s size or condition. As there were no indications of any problems with the baby or me in the twice-weekly ultrasounds I was made to have from 28 weeks onwards, I refused induction and went into labour naturally one day after my baby’s due date.

My labour was quite long at 26.5 hours, with 14.5 hours of active labour. When we arrived at the hospital after 4 hours of active labour I was 6cm dilated, and only dilated an additional 1cm in 6 hours. I was exhausted and decided to take an epidural. I delivered a healthy baby girl vaginally with only a minor laceration, delivered the placenta within 5 minutes and had no need for Pitocin to contract my uterus – something I was also told I must have!

We were amazed at how alert Isha was as soon as she was born. We did immediate skin-to-skin and she breastfed within a couple of minutes.

I cannot thank you enough for your advice over the course of my pregnancy. I have no doubt in my mind that following the Gentle Birth Method is the reason why I had such a wonderful and comfortable pregnancy, as well as a relatively easy delivery. I also image-eae486e9488f8d579a6c8eafd3f86ce30397a33a16b8a53871b347ceee5e8fbc-Vthink it is the reason why Isha is so alert and calm! She is only a week old but for the last couple of nights has only woken me once for a feed. She is breastfeeding really well and sleeps soundly in between. She also has amazing neck support! Our baby nurse is astonished at how much control she already has. She listens very intently when spoken to and already follows voices around the room!

I have already lost most of my pregnancy weight and am feeling almost back to normal. I will definitely be following the method for my future pregnancies, and have been telling all of my friends about it, pregnant or not!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I couldn’t have done it without you and Nida for support and guidance.

Dilek Birth Story – May 2013

Dear Debbie and Gowri and Françoise & the Gentle Birth Method team, dilek-23

I wanted to announce our baby, Noah Doga Shore’s gentle arrival to the world on 21st May at 7.24am, weight 2.89kg, at our home in water.

We had an amazing birth experience and would like to share it in detail with you.

My waters broke on Saturday, 18 May. I had a few start – stop contractions building up in strength from Saturday to early hours of Tuesday morning at 3.15am. It felt as I wasn’t labouring until Monday evening according to our Midwife.

We had a hospital appointment to have induction on Tuesday morning. It was very stressful few days for me as I was totally devastated with the idea of induction or c-section.

On tuesday morning at 3.15, after taking the second dose of castor oil, I woke up to very strong contractions. And it was it! It got really uncomfortable only in the last 2 hours. Richard only allowed me to go in the pool in the last half hour and the midwife arrived just about that time as well. Noah was born very gently in the pool and the third stage was very smooth.dilek-39

I had minimum bleeding, just a small internal tear that didn’t need any stitching. About 11am on the birthing day, at the second midwife visit for check ups, she said my uterus has already shrunk down to usual 10 days post natal level.  Our midwife was totally amazed with our experience.

After delivery she said to me if I was sure that I have never done this before! She also congratulated me for sticking to my grounds, believing in myself and said that it was a good decision that I decided not to go the hospital.  Following your program had a huge impact in my experience which I would like to tell everybody in detail how.

Thank you for caring..

Best wished from Dilek and Richard and Noah

Benefits of Self-Hypnosis and Visualisation

Credit: gentlebirthmethod.com

Benefits of Self-Hypnosis and Visualisation

1. More effective relaxation… less anxiety and fear.
2. Greater awareness and ability to re-interpret bodily sensations.
3. Increase or decrease speed of labour.
4. Enhanced belief in one’s expectations for control of discomfort.
5. Easily incorporated with other techniques (e.g., breathing techniques, imagery).
6. Greater control of the cervix opening.
7. Greater communication with baby before and during delivery.
8. Greater self-control over rapid increase in pain and the “unexpected.”
9. Improved sleep: means greater stamina and endurance
10. Greater focus, clarity, and ability to “detach” from the discomfort better.
11. Mentally prepared for painful sensations and ability to alter perception of them.
12. Greater confidence and trust in body functions and sensations during labor.