Prepare, Labour and Toning-Up After Birth - 3 CD's

Prepare, Labour and Toning-Up After Birth - 3 CD's


Prepare for a natural birth Self-hypnosis and Visualisation CD

Introduction to method. The rationale for the method is explained plus this side includes a general physical relaxation method

Visualisation plus Birth Rehearsal. This side gives the mother a powerful guided visualisation of her uterus and cervix and all the changes which occur within the mother's body to adapt for pregnancy and prepare for Birth.

The Birth Rehearsal is a special mental pre-programming that prepares the mother subconsciously to easily accept and float through the various stages of birthing. The Birth Rehearsal also works directly on the mind-body connection and the mental pre-programming helps the body to function in a manner which is expected.

The deeper the mother goes into self-hypnosis - the more effective the mind-body link.

Gentle Birthing “The Jeyarani Way” Labour CD

Toning-Up After Birth “The Jeyarani Way” CD

This is a wonderful post-natal tape especially good for the new mother to relax to and to have some special time to herself. A wonderful gift from friends family or even to yourself!

This tape starts with deep relaxation and self-hypnosis. This is followed by a detailed visualisation of all the inner organs of the mother’s body which are encouraged to tone-up after birth. Specific suggestions are included to tighten-up all muscles lose excess weight and for the mother’s body to go back to the pre-pregnant shape size and tone - and even become more beautiful than ever before!

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