Prepare for a natural birth, Self-hypnosis and Visualisation - MP3 Download or Itunes

Prepare for a natural birth, Self-hypnosis and Visualisation - MP3 Download or Itunes



Introduction to method. The rationale for the method is explained plus this side includes a general physical relaxation method

NOTE: You should download the MP3 on a computer not on a mobile device (unless your device can unzip .zip files).

Visualisation plus Birth Rehearsal. This side gives the mother a powerful guided visualisation of her uterus and cervix and all the changes which occur within the mother’s body to adapt for pregnancy and prepare for Birth.

The Birth Rehearsal is a special mental pre-programming that prepares the mother subconsciously to easily accept and float through the various stages of birthing. The Birth Rehearsal also works directly on the mind-body connection and the mental pre-programming helps the body to function in a manner which is expected.

The deeper the mother goes into self-hypnosis – the more effective the mind-body link.

Some Quotes and Reviews

“I was fortunate (to have) the Self-hypnosis tape in the final stages of my pregnancy. I had a wonderful labour – contractions that I was able to manage (I even slept between them when they were a minute apart – right up to transition) and only 10 minutes of pushing. All in all the labour that I had told myself that I would have. So thank you for making such an amazing tape!”

Angela Lane, London

“Thank you for your excellent tape. I listened to your tape daily throughout the third stage of pregnancy. It had a very powerful calming effect on me and as I focused on the growing baby within me I developed a close relationship before birth with my daughter. She definitely benefited from these special times together in the last 3 months. She was noticeably calm at birth and extremely alert even from her first moments, and she has been a calm, relaxed and centred baby from the start, very happy and at peace with the world.

The labour was a very special experience and I actually enjoyed the second stage, which went similarly to on the tape. I feel that the tape helped primarily to build a very strong bond between myself and Abby, which has existed from the start and for her growth and development into the beautiful, calm, special baby she is.”

Beverley Nickolls

“The feedback received from those who have used Dr. Motha’s self-hypnosis and visualisation tapes has proved these tapes to be a wonderful help in preparing and relaxing the expectant mother and in helping to calm babies.”

Jane Ingrey
Founder of Splashdown Waterbirthing Services

Sample of text

Now that you have deeply relaxed all your muscles in your body – from the tips of your toes to the top of your head, I invite you to look into your womb and make contact with your baby.

Every thought and feeling you experience is shared by your baby as well. It is very important that you allow yourself to think only positive thoughts about life in general and your coming birth experience. Remember that your mind and your baby’s mind are working together in close co-operation to create a wonderful birthing experience for both of you.

Let us now focus on the birthing segments of your body.

Take your inner eyes into the deepest part of your abdomen, and locate your pelvic circle of bones, which provides the frame on which the muscles of your abdomen, lower back and thighs are attached. Just as the muscles in your body have the ability to move, I invite your awareness to acknowledge the fact that the bones in your pelvis also have an inherent ability to flex at the flat surfaces and expand at the joints and ligaments. Between now and the birth of your baby I would like you to powerfully visualise that the inner diameters of your pelvic space are becoming wider and wider every day. Mentally prepare the birthing space in advance, so that by 36 weeks your baby’s head can mould and easily get into the optimum position for birth within your pelvic space.

Mentally rehearsing the best position for your baby within your abdomen and pelvis will encourage your baby to assume the desired position within your womb! The baby consciousness knows the exact size to grow into, so that the baby can fit comfortably through your pelvis for birth. As your baby grows to 28 weeks ask your baby’s head to gravitate down into the lowest part of your uterus so that the top of your baby’s head is in close contact with the inner opening of the neck of the womb. Thereby helping the baby to be in a convenient positon for birth within your womb.

Flex your own head so that your chin is will flexed onto your breast bone and menatlly transmit that image to your baby, and ask your baby to adopt this well flexed position of the head. Also ask your baby to face your backbone slightly to the right or to the left. In this way the smallest diameter of your baby’s head sinks into your pelvic birthing space between 36 to 38 weeks of gestation. From then on your baby’s head grows comfortably within your pelvis, encouraging mutual moulding between your pelvis and your baby’s head so that birthing becomes gentle for both of you and the baby.

A baby who feels calm and nurtured within your womb also encourages the placenta to produce generous quantities of all the softening hormones to prepare your birthing spaces for a gentle open-release phenomenon at birth.

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