Polbax contains 49 active ingredients from the nucleus of the pollen grain. It is rich in nucleic acids amino acids natural sugars and most importantly superoxide dismutase (SOD) which is the most powerful antioxidant known to man. SOD has been made stable in the gastric environment bound to a protein Baxtin.

Benefits nnIn pregnancy Polbax offers perfect nutrition for the developing embryo and the baby in the womb. Polbax also nourishes the uterus and cervix so that they can behave in a coordinated manner in childbirth. Polbax combats lactic acid accumulation in muscles that commonly causes muscle pain after exercise and mops up free radicals powerfully combating infections. Dr. Motha recommends Polbax as nutritional support for couples seeking to become pregnant and for clients who need to combat chest infections and heal other medical conditions.

How Polbax is made

Polbax is a natural derivative from organic Pollen sourced from corn. The corn is grown on vast tracts of virgin land in Sweden and America. The Pollen dust is called gold dust! and is harvested with large vacuum devices. The pollen is then blasted with ultrasound technology within a wind tunnel. The outer covering of the pollen is blown away and the microscopic kernels of the pollen grains are collected and bound with a protein called Baxtin to stabilize the SOD enzyme.

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