Cotton Tummy Wrap

Cotton Tummy Wrap


Tummy wrap – 7 Metres long x 17 cms wide

Please note which design you would like when ordering. If not stated, a design will be selected for you at random. Options ‘Japanese’ or ‘Paisley’.

Reason for TUMMY WRAP

Once the baby is born there is a vacuum created in the abdomen by the sudden release of the baby.
This vacuum can cause internal organs such as the liver, stomach, spleen and uterus to prolapse down in varying degrees.  A tummy wrap is to prevent this and to support your internal organs by binding the abdomen daily after giving birth.  Our practitioners will teach family members to perform this wrap in between visits.   The wrap is kept on for 24 hours and taken off only for showering.

The tummy wrap is performed with a short wrap of 4 meters or a long wrap  7 meters of fine linen. This stays on for 24 hours until the next days shower.  The wrap is re-applied immediately after the shower for a further 24 hours. for a total of 40 days.

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