Baladi Choornam Herbs

Baladi Choornam Herbs


Now 300g!

Baladi Choornam is - SIDA RHOMBOFOLIA - it is a herb commonly used all over India from Nepal all the way down to Cape Comorin at the southern most tip of India by pregnant mothers. The baby pills are based on ancient 2000-year-old Ayurvedic recipes that are famed for clearing the mother’s liver and gut and assisting in digestion and absorption. These cleansing functions help tissue toxins in the uterus cervix pelvis hip and perineal areas to be cleared thereby helping these structures to become supple and elastic. This in turn helps to establish the birth mobility of the pelvis which is obviously an essential pre-requisite for a gentle birth. Dr Motha has been prescribing these herbs since 1994 and has found that they help mothers to achieve full dilation of the cervix more easily during the birth process.

Can be taken from 12 weeks gestation to birth and beyond

Approx 6 weeks supply (250 gms): £22

This drink is to be ideally continued post natally to help digestion and elimination and it is a strengthening drink.

Instructions to make the evening drink:

Please Note: The instructions in the book vary from those on the packaging. The book was written 14 years ago! Pardon the discrepancy.

In the past we had finely ground powder but now we have a coarse powder as this makes the drink more pleasant to taste.

Please place two level tablespoons of baladi choornam in a saucepan with 1/2 litre of filtered water. Bring this to the boil and then simmer down for 20 minutes to 1/4 litre then add 200 ml of almond (Almond Breeze or Alpro) hazelnut (Alpro) or goat’s milk and simmer further down to 1/4 litre. Strain this through a sieve and pour this decoction into a cup and drink as a warm nightcap along with a dhanwantaram baby pill. If you would like to sweeten it add a teaspoon of maple syrup. You can also add a drop of vanilla if you wish. You can prepare this earlier in the day and warm it up and consume after your evening meal for maximum benefits.

One Dhanwantharam pill is advised along with your evening drink. These pills are very small therefore we call them Baby pills. Though they are small they are very effective. They contain potentised digestive herbs that aid the digestion and absorption of nutrients - good for you and your baby.

Dose - one pill a day along with your Baladi Choornam evening drink.

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