Aromatherapy Pregnancy and Anti-stretch mark oil (150ml)

Aromatherapy Pregnancy and Anti-stretch mark oil (150ml)


This oil is to be used from week 20.

It should be applied daily over the abdomen breasts waist hips and buttocks.

This oil prevents the development of stretch marks. It is absorbed and helps the elasticity of the underlying tissues.nnIt is also anti-inflammatory and helps to relieve the aches and pains caused by the stretching of the lower back muscles and pelvic ligaments.

Note: Unlike other aromatherapy oils this special blend of aromatherapy oils can be used with Homeopathic remedies and will not affect their potency.nnIngredients: Virgin olive oil and a unique blend of Frankincense Lavender Neroli Tangerine Basil and Rose Otto essential oils

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