Judith Davies

Name: Judith Davies


Therapies include: Creative Healing Practitioners, Fully Accredited Jeyarani way GBM practitioner, Reflexology Practitioners

Location availability: Herefordshire - HR3

Summary: Judith trained with Doctor Gowri Motha as an Obstetrician and uses these tech. particularly successfully with maternity care. Judith’s background is in nursing and midwifery. She has been in her own private practice for 22 years.Trained in Reflex Therapy with the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists at The Midland School of Reflex Therapy Warwick for Health Care Professionals Became a Creative Healer at The Joseph Stephenson Foundation at The Jerarani Centre London.
Judith works closely with her patients so that they receive a tailor made holistic treatment.



County: Herefordshire

Postcode: HR3

Country: UK

Email: gowrimotha@gentlebirthmethod.com

Phone: 01544 327022

Website: http://www.gentlebirthmethod.com

Core Therapies: Reflexology, Creative Healing