Jo Harrison

Name: Jo Harrison

Therapies include: Creative Healing Practitioners, Recognized Practitioners, Reflexology Practitioners

Location availability: Bristol - BS
North Somerset - G1
South London / Central London- SW

Summary: I have been interested in the journey of pregnant women into motherhood for a long time. I trained as a reflexlogist 15 years ago and have taught yoga to pregnant women in various venues, includng two London teaching hospitals, since 1999. I then went on to study Thai Massage, an excellent therapy based on acupressure, which uses applied yoga-type stretches and is a holistic treatment. I studied Creative Healing with Dr Gowri and have viewed this as a whole new learning journey with powerful and far-reaching benefits.



Postcode: SW

Country: UK


Phone: 07837 944 993


Core Therapies: Reflexology, Creative Healing

Any Therapy not mentioned above: Doula
Thai yoga massage
Yoga for pregnancy