Ingrid Lewis

Name: Ingrid Lewis

Therapies include: In-House Practitioners

Location availability: London

Summary: Ingrid Lewis is a qualified public health professional, therapist and yoga teacher. She has worked in UK, Germany and Central Africa in both, allopathic and complementary medicine since 1988. Ingrid is a Trustee of and Tutor for the Birthlight Trust, UK’s first perinatal yoga training provider. She helped to set up what is now called Doula UK, writing and implementing its training & mentoring programme. Ingrid’s yoga journey began in 1989 in Varanasi, India where she studied Kriya Yoga. She also trained as a Sivananda Yoga and Birthlight Yoga teacher & tutor and with Donna Farhi. She trained with Dr Gowri Motha in 2001 and has been working with her more closely since 2016. Ingrid offers weekly yoga (pregnancy, postnatal, baby) classes, holds regular ‘straightforward birth preparation’ courses for couples and offers private therapy sessions for men, women & children.

While living in Congo (Central Africa) she was initiated by BaYaka hunter-gatherer women into their secret knowledge and ancestral rites. Reintegrating ancient knowledge about female power, reproduction & birth can help to change the current trend towards over-medicalising pregnancy, labour and birth.

Ingrid: ‘My work in reproductive and women’s health is inspired by my research among BaYaka hunter-gatherer women in Congo. By combining scientific research with indigenous knowledge about reproduction & birth, a wide range of therapeutic approaches and yoga I aim to help women to be in charge of their bodies, to create the environment most conducive for conception & healthy pregnancy as well as to birth in dignity. I am passionate about helping women at all life stages to rejoice in their femininity.’



Postcode: N19


Phone: 0208 530 1146


Any Therapy not mentioned above: Yoga