Claudia A. Pfeiffer (Heilpraktikerin)

Name: Claudia A. Pfeiffer (Heilpraktikerin)

Therapies include: Creative Healing Practitioners, Recognized Practitioners, Self hypnosis and Visualization Practitioners

Location availability: Saarbrücken, Saarland, Germany. 

Summary: Claudia A. Pfeiffer is licensed Heilpraktiker - she runs her own practice focusing on female health. With her holistic approach to female health, she guides her patients through all stages of their life as a woman; including pregnancy and as a certified doula also emotionally through the birth process. More information on Claudia is available at:, Phone +49-6897-95 22 734

Claudia A. Pfeiffer ist Heilpraktikerin in eigener Praxis mit Schwerpunkt Frauengesundheit. Sie begleitet Patientinnen ganzheitlich auf ihrem Lebensweg als Frau; so auch in und durch die Schwangerschaft und als ausgebildete Doula emotional durch Geburt. Weiterführende Informationen:, Tel. +49 (0) 6897 / 95 22 734

Country: Germany


Phone: +49 (0) 6897 / 95 22 734


Core Therapies: Creative Healing, Self hypnosis and Visualization

Any Therapy not mentioned above: Cell Salt Therapy (Dr. Schüßler)
CQM (Chinese Quantum Method) and
Systemic work