Christine Thompson

Name: Christine Thompson

Therapies include: Creative Healing Practitioners, Fully Accredited Jeyarani way GBM practitioner, Reflexology Practitioners, Reiki Practitioners, Self hypnosis and Visualization Practitioners

Location availability: Oswestry - SY11
Shrewsbury- SY2
Wrexham- LL13

Summary: Christine practiced the gentle Birth Method when pregnant with her 2 children and was so pleased with the results that she decided to learn more and become a Gentle Birth Method Associate herself. Christine is also a recognised Doula.



County: Shropshire

Postcode: SY11

Country: UK


Phone: 0208 530 1146


Core Therapies: Reflexology, Creative Healing, Self hypnosis and Visualization

Additional Therapies: Reiki

Any Therapy not mentioned above: Colour Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Massage