Pelvic Floor Awareness Workshop

The workshop that gives you what you need to know about getting your pelvic floor into peak condition.

Location: Viveka, The The Gentle Birth Method, 27a Queen's Terrace, St John's Wood, NW8

Time: (2 hours duration)

Price: £65

Class details -

Appropriate pelvic floor exercises are taught that will give you the ability to:

  • Engage the *correct* pelvic floor muscles through a clear understanding of the female anatomy

  • Understand the danger of a common misconception about the so-called ‘vaginal muscles’

  • Discover the mysteries of the pelvic floor before and after the birth

  • Choose your personalised exercises and learn about the latest exercising devises. (not usually available to the public)

  • Learn about perineum power and how to generate feminine energy