Nicky Schinder Birth Story

nicky_childrenAfter a difficult first birth, Nicky came to Gowri and was put on “The Jeyarani Way” Gentle Birth Method programme. This time she felt prepared for birth and went on to have a “wonderful birth experience”. She believes in Gowri and her programme as she is an expert in both conventional and complementary medicine.
Nicky had a difficult first birth; the Birth Unit Manager then referred her to Dr Gowri Motha for her second pregnancy. She received Reflexology, Self-hypnosis and Visualisation classes and she delivered a 10-pound baby in a water pool with no painkillers and with an intact perineum. The total duration of labour was 6 hours.

“This was my second baby. It was the most wonderful birth experience. I felt well prepared this time and it all went according to plan as much as I could have imagined. It was amazing what having your feet massaged can do!”

Nicky went on to have a third child, born in a water birthing pool in her own home. Again, during her third pregnancy, she followed “The Jeyarani Way” Gentle Birth Method.

“Gowri inspires such confidence because she has all round ability and insight. She has crossed the divide between the conventional and the alternative, which makes me feel very secure.”

Nicky Schinder


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