Natalie Hudson Birth Story – September 2009

millaI just wanted to share my great birth story with you and also to give great feedback on GB practioner in Australia, Elizabeth Isaac – she was amazing and you need to get more people trained in Australia as so many women need to have the option to have a good birth.

Milla was born 11 weeks ago on 29.7.09.  My waters broke and I had a show around 2.30am I then went and had a shower and the contractions were irregular but got stronger. I rang the hospital who told me to stay home until the contractions got more regular.

Around 5:30am they started to get more regular.  I texted Elizabeth who instinctively knew that I was going to go into labour that morning – just goes to show the bond you share with your GBP….

I then had a bath and it got more intense so called for my partner to come and help, I then sat on the loo and had my contractions…Elizabeth came to the house around 8:30am and helped me refocus as I started to ask to go to the hospital and for drugs….she reminded me of the work we had done and the breathing and visualisations. She really reassured me that I could do it when I slightly lost focus due to the pain.

We then stayed at home for a few more hours before we decided it was time to go to the hospital around 10:00am, in the car on the way I went into my own transition staying silent and going into my zone. Elizabeth and I had worked weeks before saying my labour would be around 8 hours and that this baby would come before lunchtime – planting the mental seed.

When we got to the labour ward I was 8cm dilated!!! Most of the hard work done at home, my obs then checked me again 20 minutes later and said the baby would come in 20 minutes so to get into position to start pushing.

We again worked with the visuals (I am a yoga teacher so I know the power of visuals or bhvana as we call them in yoga) they were really crucial for my focus and management of pain. I was offered gas and by then said no I thought I would be sick.

My obstetrican then walked in and again examined me and said “Get into position,  this baby is coming in the next 20 minutes”….

So I did, leaning against the bed and then he asked me to push, I think I pushed around 8 times unfortunately I tore a bit but we think that was his doing, as I had plenty of energy and could have taken my time in pushing…..the final push she came out and he pulled her through my legs and I looked down and saw this gorgeous face looking up at me in wonder; she didn’t cry and is such a happy little contented bub at 11 weeks old!!

I am just so grateful to have been introduced to the GBM and also that Elizabeth’s help was just amazing, I hope you can help her train more people with the method in other parts of Australia so they too get to experience the wisdom behind this!!

Natalie Hudson
Sydney, Australia


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