More Information on Fertility

Fertility includes both partners. A joint consultation is advised. For your first appointment it’s ideal on day 23 of your cycle. Please call 0208 530 1146 for an appointment.
This is of particular relevance in our modern society where parents delay having children until they have developed their careers and secured a sound financial base for bringing up children.

Parents-to-be often overlook the fact that working long hours and enduring high levels of stress can deplete tissues of optimal nutrition.

Relaxation and restoration of optimum nutrition is important as a first step towards enhancing fertility.

We use a combination of Ayurvedic lifestyle modifications including diet and nutrition, along with nutritional supplements and hands-on Creative Healing.  These all help to restore optimum fertility in a natural way.

Even if a couple consider assisted conception, we recommend a detox regime with optimal nutrition to improve fertilisation and nourish the uterine lining for the implantation of the embryo that goes on to to develop into a healthy baby.

Couples we have referred to detox retreats in Kerala prior to IVF as well as for general fertility enhancement found it easier to get pregnant and gave birth to healthy babies.
Our team of practitioners offer Creative Healing specific-hands “women’s treatment” to regularise cycles and improve fertility and conception.

For men, we offer Ayurvedic consultations for diet and lifestyle modification that aim to reduce stress levels and balance body imbalances, thereby improving sperm production and sperm motility. We also incorporate Creative Healing treatments for the heart and lymphatic system for overall good health. We recommend nutritional supplements for men to enhance general health, sperm quality and sperm motility.



Dear Gowri,

fertility_review I just received this lovely photo from Elizabeth. Josh was getting his certificate for studying  the bible commentator Rashi. It suddenly made me think of you and how Elizabeth came here after having a still birth. They told her she probably wouldn’t be able to have anymore children because there was a lot of  scar tissue in her womb. You treated her with your magic  and your skills and as a result she was able to become pregnant… the result is this little boy, Joshie . I thought you would like to see this. Thank you a million times.

with love