Happy Heart Month

Creative Healing Happy Heart Treatment


The creative healing heart treatment – as shown in our video is calming and therapeutic.happy heart
This nurturing treatment also acts as a physical cleansing treatment for the heart valves and the cardiac muscle. Gurgles can often be heard as the drainage channels of the heart are cleared.

The pregnant mother’s heart grows through out pregnancy works therefore heart treatments once a month are recommended throughout pregnancy. This keeps the heart circulation in good health. The heart is also our emotional centre and performing a heart treatment has a profound healing effect on our emotions and alleviates anxiety.

The heart treatment is valuable for the whole family. Mothers, fathers, grandparents, children over the age of 4 and all friends of the family!

Please follow our demo video and perform with lighter than light touch!
WIth deep thanks to Joseph B Stephenson who has taught us this technique.

To Watch the Happy Heart Video please click the following link

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