Fertility is the function of a healthy body. Therefore, to enhance fertility, we focus on restoring all-round physical and emotional health as this will automatically enhance fertility in both men and women.

Our tissues can be biologically young even in our forties and be as fertile as a chronologically much younger person in their twenties.


Fertility Treatments

  • Creative Healing - Specific female massage on day 23 of your cycle once a month

  • Reflexology - Reflexology is known to regularise cycles and improve fertility

  • Ayurvedic consultation - Find out your body type and be given a specific dietary advice to normalise all three doshas (3 elements – fire, water, air) in your body. Herbs, oils and specific treatments may also be advised


Book in for an initial 75 minutes personal consultation to find out the best treatments and products to enhance your fertility.

With Gowri: £300
With a Gentle Birth Practitioner: £135-200


Other stages

Recommended fertility products