kkllDr Motha encourages mothers to look upon their birth as an event for which their body needs a specific training programme, as giving birth is an incredible physical feat.This training programme intends to help mothers to be able to have an easier experience of each contraction, and to give birth with more than usual comfort.Each mother has a unique physical and emotional make-up and as such may need a special tailor-made programme. Our practitioners combine skill and intuition to tailor each session to your unique needs. Including dietary advice based on your Dosha and Ayurveda.You can also purchase our products as prescribed by our practitioners from our on-site shop including all the herbal medicines as prescribed in our book Gentle Birth Method.Our therapists are trained in a wide variety of massage techniques such as  reflexology, creative healing, bowen technique, cranio-sacral therapy and Alexander technique.For more information please follow this link Our treatments normally take 90 minutes because the reflexology model is 45 minutes followed by another 45 minutes of Creative Healing back and neck treatments that also includes sacral drainage to mobilise the sacrum, a sciatic treatment and a pelvic floor release and tail bone lift.  These treatments are an intrinsic part of the Gentle Birth Method preparation.The Creative Healing treatments are alternated between back and neck modules and a full digestive tune-up with abdominal toning and pelvic drainage which all goes PhysicalPrep3towards reducing bloating, improving digestion and creating space for the baby within the pelvis.Consultations with Dr Motha are charged at £250 per hour in the clinic.Initial consultation £300 for 75 minutes.£600 for a two hour home visit.Treatments with Gentle Birth practitioners cost £90 per hour in the clinic.Home visits of minimum 90 minutes at £150 for a single practitioner.For Ayurvedic treatments with two practitioners the cost is £300 for 90 minutes.Our practitioners can offer one to one treatments for 60 minutes of reflexology, creative healing, bowen technique and cranio-sacral therapy.  Often the treatment consists of half an hour creative healing and half an hour of reflexology or any of the other treatments as appropriate.