Judith Shutler Birth Story – 1989

This story illustrates how the programme can help a pregnant mother who then goes on to have a caesarean delivery.

During my pregnancy I followed a programme including Self-hypnosis at the Jeyarani Health Centre.

As the birth approached it became more certain that the delivery would be by elective caesarean due to breech presentation. The hypnosis included dealing with this.

I used self-hypnosis to rehearse the delivery and it kept me calm and co-operative. The epidural was difficult (3 attempts) but I did not feel stressed – the same during the operation. The surgeon said later that she had never had a calmer patient.

Afterwards I was prescribed analgesia but needed none whatsoever and although uncomfortable I was in no pain. On the next day I was walking upright as soon as the drip etc, was removed….. The wound healed so well that the clips were removed earlier than expected and I went home on day 6.

Comments from hospital staff were made about how well I had recovered and that I was the “talk of the hospital”.

Judith Shutler,1989


Katrina Maclaine Birth Story

Katrina had been told that she would never have children so she was a bit surprised to find that she had become pregnant after some Creative healing for abdominal pain! After being induced she had a c-section but does not regret going on the programme. Like other Jeyarani mothers she has found her son, Ben, to be alert but calm – due perhaps to her connecting to him through the treatments and self-hypnosis and visualisation.

First let me explain the miracle of my son. I’d had gynaecological problems since I was a teenager and a number of operations; however, because of these problems I was always told that I would never be able to have kids. I was also in my late 30’s by the time I met “my man”, who already had children and so I decided that that was it, but I would be the best step-mum that I could be. However, I then came across Creative Healing. Really,  I had it to ease the pain of my polycystic ovaries and endometriosis, but after a couple of “female treatments”,  I became pregnant! To say it was a shock would be an understatement – I was going to be a biological Mummy!

Throughout my pregnancy I had the various treatments – Creative Healing, Reflexology and so on and went on the Self-hypnosis and Visualisation course. I really enjoyed these pampering times and connecting with my baby. To see my stomach bulge with his foot as he stretched his leg was amazing. My gorgeous baby in my tummy!

I was fully prepared for birth, however, he was more than comfortable inside and so I had to be induced. Suddenly being in full-scale labour was a shock to me….I’d hoped for a slow build-up at home, not an induction at hospital. Anyway, I ended up having a c/section. Not what I had wanted originally but necessary – and as Gowri says, sometimes intervention is necessary; it was for me.

But am I still glad that I did the programme? – ABSOLUTELY. It made my pregnancy much easier, made me stop and take some much needed “me” time, made me connect with my partner and my baby more and got me prepared for being a mother. What’s more my baby – Ben, is an absolute joy. From the very beginning he has been alert, curious and yet calm. From the start he hardly ever cried, if he falls over it’s just a kind of, “oops a daisy” and he’s ok. I know that I’m a biased Mum but after speaking to other mother’s who have been on the programme I know now that this is very common for Jeyarani babies. They tend to be very calm and have a kind of serenity around them. By having the therapies and by doing the Self-hypnosis and Visualisation I believe that it helps the baby be really nurtured in the womb, they know that they are really wanted and that they are part of a loving family – just like Ben.

Katrina Maclaine