Mother from California Birth Story


Dear Gowri - I gave birth to my daughter on February 24, 2016. Obviously my husband and I are in bliss with our newborn! I wanted to tell you Gowri how grateful I am for your guidance during my pregnancy, and how important your teachings have been to me.

The biggest changes that I made after speaking with you and reading your book were dietary. Cutting out gluten and sugar has been wonderful. Taking additional supplements during my pregnancy was also fantastic for me. I made other dietary changes as well, like cutting out rice and rice products as much as possible, and have had no caffeine for about a year now.I gave birth at home in a birthing tub to a big baby—8lbs 15 oz. Only my husband, the midwife, and her assistant were present. I had contractions all night but I went into active labor around 6:30 AM and my daughter was born at 12:48 PM. I pushed for less than one hour, which was half the time my midwife expected for a first time mom. I chose to stay at home in my bedroom with the baby for 6 weeks. Even the paediatrician came to my home so I wouldn’t have to take the baby into the office. I feel very good!