Carrie's Birth Story


Dear Marina, Ingrid and Gowri,

I have been meaning to write this card for the last three months as I wanted to say the biggest THANK YOU I could ever say to you three wonderful women.

Gowri, the visualisation and relaxation/hypnotherapy techniques you introduced in the first four weeks of the class were invaluable and I still use them today for various situations. Marina, the weekly reading of birth rehearsal was just so powerful. I heard your voice the whole way through my labour and it made me feel so calm, relaxed and in control.Ingrid, your classes were the best yoga classes in the world, they were informative, fun, helpful, interesting, warm and engaging. Through them I gained confidence in myself, my body and my baby and for this I cannot thank you enough.

Before I got pregnant, I always thought that I would opt for an elective c-section as I had heard so many horror stories about child birth. But due to the three of you and your combined efforts that fear was replaced with excitement and anticipation and, as a result, I was able to have a water birth with no intervention at all. I feel very proud of myself and know that I have the three of you to thank. Any ladies who partake in your course are the luckiest of them all.I hope the NHS continues to offer your fantastic services and I know I would recommend it in a heartbeat. I hope I can be part of your classes again in a few years!Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Carrie and little Robyn Somoma