Bloating in pregnancy

Pregnant mothers often complain about abdominal distention commonly known as bloating.In fact pregnant mothers often look as if they are further advanced in their pregnancy, because of abdominal distention.In pregnancy the digestive system is influenced by pregnancy hormones especially progesterone. This causes the peristaltic movement of the gut to slow down causing fluid logging in the gut. Stagnation of intestinal contents is often associated with fermentation and gas formation in the gut! ( bloating!)The best antidote is to eat less of the foods that ferment i.e. eat only three fruits a day. Avoid bananas, grapes, mangoes and very sugary fruits. Avoid foods with yeast and eat only a fistful of carbohydrates at every meal.Also avoid raw vegetables as this does cause fermentation in the gut.If possible take digestive enzymes and a good probiotic like acidophilus.Some mothers are also lactose intolerant so if possible try eliminating milk from your intake for a week to see if this makes a difference.Exercise can help! A brisk walk for 30 minutes every day does help in keeping your circulation in good order.and lastly eat your food very slowly chewing your food till it is converted into a liquid before you swallow every mouthful. This reduces the work that has to be done by your intestines and leads to intestinal and abdominal comfort and better digestion.