Alexa's Birth Story


I am so pleased that we decided to follow The Gentle Birth Method programme as it gave my husband and I the confidence in having a natural birth. Dr Gowri Motha's Self-Hypnosis classes were phenomenal in allowing us to visualise the actual birth in the calmest way possible, and when it came to the day of our sons birth, this technique allowed me to deliver with total focus. On the day I went into labour, I had been practicing many of Francois Freedman's Pregnancy Yoga techniques at home that I had learnt in her excellent classes I had attended in London. Being a Yoga Teacher myself I was deeply grateful to learn from such a leading light in our industry, and she has further inspired me to learn more about teaching pregnancy yoga as a specialist subject. In the end, I delivered our beautiful baby boy in the hospital in less than five hours, with no pain relief whatsoever, and no gas and air.

Thank you so much to the whole team of women who work for The Gentle Birth Programme and especially to Kaisa who assisted us on the day itself with amazing massage, reflexology and homeopathic remedies.

Alexa Kho-Hinkson